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Missions Quick view
United Luth. Church of South Africa
  • 19 churches
  • 13 pastors
  • 2,337 members (adults/children)
  • Outreach to outlying villages
ALC of Nigeria
  • 23 churches
  • 18 pastors
  • 3,450 members (adults/children)
  • ALC Christian School - 164 students
  • Persecution exists (North)
Lutheran Church of Christ,Togo
  • 37 churches
  • 37 pastors
  • 5,920 members (adults/children)
  • Large outreach activity
ALC of Ghana
  • 5 churches
  • 6 pastors
  • 380 members (adults/children)
  • Outreach to other churches, house-to-house
ALC of Liberia
  • 9 churches
  • 10 pastors
  • 950 members (adults/children)
  • Church has survived 14 years of rebel and terrorist activity

Burma (Myanmar)
ALC of Myanmar
  • 4 churches
  • 8 pastors/evangelists
  • 58 members (adults/children)
  • Outreach to Laos, Thailand, Vietnam
  • 40-student Bible college
  • Persecution exists
ALC of Guatemala
  • 3 churches
  • 100 members (adults/children)
  • Large outreach; dental and medical camps, schools, Bible and clothes distribution
Apostolic Life Ministries (A.P.)
  • 48 churches
  • 37 pastors
  • 3,980 members (adults/children)
  • Apostolic Life Children's Home- 42 children
Mission & Welfare Society (A.P.)
  • 879 churches
  • 163 pastors
  • 114,000 members (adults/children)
  • 70-bed Mission Hospital; 2 Medical Clinics
  • Little Lambs Orphanage - 109 children
  • still developing ministry
  • 1 pastor?
  • unknown members (adults/children)
  • 7 churches
  • 10 pastors
  • 583 members (adults/children)
  • Large outreach
  • 6 churches
  • 3 pastors
  • 150 members (adults/children)
  • Worked with church of Inkeri to reach 6,600 people (est.)
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
  • House church ministry (8)
  • 2 pastors
  • 300 members est. (adults/children)
  • Persecution exists
  • Personal evangelism
  • Several Christian workers
  • Large number of individual households
  • Persecution exists

Walking, singing, and bonding in Kenya. If you are interested in a future trip to Kenya or elsewhere, contact the Foreign Mission Administrator at foreignmission@comcast.net today!

The Foreign Mission
of the Apostolic Lutheran Church of America

Welcome to our official website. The Foreign Mission of the Apostolic Lutheran Church desires to be obedient to the words of our Lord Jesus Christ when he said in Mark 16:15 Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature... (click here for our mission statement)

It is our hope and prayer that this website would not only inform you of the missions in progress, but that it would also give you a chance to contact us if you should desire to join us in the mission field. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. We surely welcome the talents and gifts that the Lord has given you!

If you are a foreign visitor that is interested in our church, please contact us at the contact page. You can also read The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ, or go to the Apostolic Lutheran Church website.

We pray that the Lord would continue to allow us to be used to spread his precious Holy Word to receptive hearts all around the world.

Thank you for visiting! May God Bless You!

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