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Orphanage kids in India some of the kids from the Home

Orphanage kids in India girls dorm

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Orphanage kids in India kids coming home from school

Orphanage kids in India studying in the new study hall
Apostolic Life Children's Home

The Apostolic Life Children's Home (ALC Home) is under the direction of Pastor K. Yesuratnam and his wife Ruth. The home contains around 50 children and is open for children ranging in age from 6 to 16. Most of the children come from the congregations Pastor K works with in the surrounding areas. The children are mostly destitute children (children from very poor homes)or semi-orphans (one parent still living), though some are also full orphans. During the school vacations, the children almost all go home to their families/extended families. By staying at the ALC Home they receive: uniforms and books for schooling at the local village school, help with future education after high school, food, clothes, lodging, and Christian teaching.

Excerpts from Light House May/June 2012 edition (ALC Home Newsletter):

ALC Home started in September 1999 with 13 children and has been growing through the past decade and thanking God for His everlasting faithfulness in running this Home.

This is a home for Orphans, Semi Orphans, and destitute children. For the last 13 years about 250 students being blessed with the ministry and care of ALC Home.

Some students finished their education up to an extent and settled in different fields like electricians, computer operators, professional drivers, teachers, medical nurses and many other occasional jobs.

This is Susanna’s story:

“I hail from an orthodox Hindu family. My name, Parvathi, is one of the goddesses in Hinduism. My parents live very far away from here. My father is a drunkard, and due to that, he lost his job. I was brought to the ALC Home by my grannies who are ALC Church believers. They requested help to continue my education and provide room and board. The concerned people at the ALC Home have taken me in, and today, I love the Lord and sing to the Lord in the church. I am very happy because of Christ.

“I love the Word of God. I am called Susanna here. When I write to my parents, I always beg them to come to the knowledge of the love of Christ. It is my prayer that some day I will be a witness and carry the Gospel message to my Hindu friends in our village and surrounding places, including my parents. Thanking you.”

New Study Hall:
From the bottom of my heart I thank all of you who sent the unexpected donation to us. We decided to use the money to build a study hall for the children. Now they have a dedicated place to study during the rainy season. Thank you and may God bless you!

Note from editor: the study hall was completed in early 2012.

Beloved sponsors, God's peace from your child in the ALC Home. We are so thankful for your generous support for our livelihood, which gives us shelter, food, and education. Moreover it helps to give us spiritual knowledge to learn more about the love of Christ. We love you and we are praying for you daily.

Thanking you.

– Your Child in the ALC Home

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