Orphanage kids in Kenya Charles and Mary

Orphanage kids in Kenya Charles and Mary's home compound

Orphanage kids in Kenya some of the Champion children

Orphanage kids in Kenya fetching water from the spring

St. John's Champion Children's Home
(Kisii, Kenya)

History of Champion Home
The St. John's Champion Children's Home* (Champion Home) is under the direction of Pastor Charles and his wife Mary. The home contains around 30 children. This is not an organized orphanage, but just a couple with a heart for children. The children are all orphans who had no where to go so Pastor Charles and Mary brought them into their home.

Champion Home is located in the Guccha area near Kisii, Kenya. It is a rural area where there is no electricity or running water. Water is fetched from a spring several times a day and, after dark, light is mostly supplied by kerosene lanterns. The compound is made of several mud huts build roughly around a central courtyard.

Income Generation
Pastor Charles has initiated several income-generating ideas to help support himself, his family, and the orphans. He has a small number of chickens he is raising as well as a rented field that he has planted with corn (the staple of the Kenyan diet) and beans.

Child Sponsorship
We do not offer specific child sponsorships for Champion Home. Instead donated money goes to support the whole compound. The first priority is food. After that, if available, money goes to clothing, shoes, school fees, building/compound upgrades, etc. If you wish to receive updates from specific children, however, this can be easily arranged.

*This name is not Catholic, but was named in honor of John Ruotsala, who was one of the first missionaries from our church to travel to the area.

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