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Follow Jesus, Prevent AIDS

Introduction to Follow Jesus, Prevent Aids Booklet

Several years ago our Mission Hospital in India, under the direction of Dr. K. Syam Kumar, asked us to assist them in publishing a booklet on the biblical basis for sexual abstinence to help reduce the rate of HIV/AIDS infections in their country. The booklet was completed in September and printed in 5 languages of India, with an eventual goal of 23 Indian languages.

In addition, the booklet is being printed in English in several of the countries of South Africa, with an eventual goal of distributing it in 10 - 12 countries. A Spanish copy has also been written and is being used in Central and South America, and the Caribbean region.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this booklet, contact Alvar Helmes at the address below. Readers are welcome to use the material in the booklet as they see fit. The only conditions are that we ask that, 1) Dr. K. Syam Kumar of India be recognized as the original author, and 2) The Foreign Mission Board of the Apostolic Lutheran Church of America be recognized as authorizing the use of the material. Improvements in the content of the booklet are welcomed.

It is the hope and prayer of the Foreign Mission Board that this booklet will be an aid to countries and people in the world-wide fight against HIV/AIDS.

In His Service,
Alvar Helmes,
20107 NE 107th Ave.
Battle Ground, WA 98604

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