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Powerful Testimony of a Muslim Convert

The use and impact of the booklet in Ghana, South Africa, and India – over 1,000,000 copies printed, to date.

My name is Jahan Begum. I am a 23-year-old educated woman from a rich and religious Muslim family. I used to worship Allah (God) six times in a day. This worship is called Namaze. I have about 25 friends, both male and female. I used to drink alcoholic beverages about 22 days out of the month. When I was in Delhi, I drank alcohol continuously for 8 months. Along with my friends, we participated in sexual pleasures very often, not only with one, but with many. I never knew about the potential consequences of sexual pleasure as I was addicted to alcohol and only lived for the sexual gratification. One day when I was drinking with my friends in a restaurant, I met Dr. Syam Kumar. He had pity on the way my friends were behaving in the restaurant. After he introduced himself, he talked to me and gave me the “Follow Jesus, Prevent Aids” booklet. I went back home, after I sobered up, and read the booklet. I was horrified to learn about the potential consequences of AIDS. My parents never told me to leave my promiscuous life style and never warned me about HIV/AIDS or other diseases. Once when I had problems with my mother, I attempted suicide with a knife because I did not have any peace. I still have the scars. When I read the abstinence booklet, I first came to know about sin and that which I was involved with was sinful and could kill my life on earth. I also gave the booklet to my friends, and they read it. We all made a decision that we would not involve ourselves in sexual sins any longer. We wanted to begin living a faithful life in this regard. Through this booklet, my friends have also been kept from contracting HIV or another sexually transmitted disease. I also benefited in another way. When I later talked to Dr. Kumar, he spoke to me about the saving grace of Jesus. I was so sorry when I realized that I was a sinner that I repented of my sinful life, realizing that Jesus died because of my sins and the sins of everyone. Because of Jesus Christ, the love of your church in America has printed this booklet on HIV/AIDS to save many lives, who are like me and my friends. I thank you very much. I humbly thank your church for this wonderful work to save the people who are blind like we were – wasting our youth and life. My father lives in Afghanistan and he was happy for the change in my behavior. My friends’ families are also very happy for the change in their behavior. We thank you for our lives. I want to know more about Jesus; I want to be a child of Jesus.

Thank you.
Jahan Begum

October 2005

Notes from the Pastors

"Attendance was phenomenal! Over 1,500 people at one gathering is definitely remarkable. These were made up of people from all kinds of religions: Muslims, animists, Christians, etc. It fascinated me to know that over 30 people of other religions were converted and brought to Christ!"

Pastor Frank Famiyeh, Ghana, West Africa

"I would like to thank the Foreign Mission Board for the work you are doing here. Many lives are being changed and spiritual destinations realized just by reading the HIV/AIDS booklet. Many young people are changing their ways, and those who were not sexually active are mostly making up their minds to abstain. This is wonderful and encouraging!"

Alice Magola, South Africa

"We have conducted hundreds of seminars in schools, colleges, churches, villages, and social gatherings on the dangers of HIV/AIDS. At the same time, we have been able to spread the Gospel to all of these people through the booklet. In the larger seminars, we are able to cover more than 30,000 people in one single day with hundreds of dedicated workers involved. Through this booklet, millions of people have read or heard about Jesus and now understand the dangers of HIV/AIDS. This has brought many new believers into the churches, and the congregations in many churches have increased."

Dr. K. Syam Kumar
Mission Hospital, Rajahmundry (A.P.), India

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