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Disaster Relief Pastor Sylvester in front of his church
Medical Fund

Every day people die for lack of basic medical care. Donations to the Medical Fund can be directed to either the Mission Hospital in India or to help people around the world with unexpected medical expenses.

Mission Hospital
The Mission Hospital is located in the city of Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh State and is serving the poor and destitute people of India since 1998. The cost of government and private hospitals are out of the reach of the poor and they turn for help to organizations like the Mission Hospital. Major health issues addressed include Tuberculosis, Malaria, Cervical Cancer, HIV/AIDS and miscellaneous surgeries. The hospital also conducts medical camps in the surrounding areas.

Medical Assistance
We constantly receive requests from people we work with around the world in regards to emergency medical assistance. Pastor Sylvester in Kenya was one person who was helped with his medical costs. This man had a cancerous growth on the back of his head in 2012 and was expected to die. Because of assistance, he was able to pay for surgery and his hospital stay and he is now fully recovered. Many people heard of his healing and his testimony that God opened ways for him to be healed. In response, many people began attending the church he started in his area.

In Burma, the wife of the pastor we work with became very ill and was also expected to die without medication. The cost was only $70, but it was way beyond their means. We were able to send the money and she was healed. Today is is doing well and very thankful to God for the assistance.

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